How this site works
From renter's perspective
Find your perfect Pocono Rental

Our job is to help you find a vacation rental in the Poconos.

Owners and managers of properties for rent advertise their rentals on this site.

Use one of the following methods to browse the properties:

  • Select a location from the location list on the home page
  • Use the advanced search tool to refine your search

Contact the owner/manager and research

Once you find a property that interests you, deal directly with the owner or manager of the property. Contact information is provided for each property at the top of the page.

Dealing with the property manager/owner

Although owners are free to manage any way they like, most will require a lease and a security deposit, similar to the same way you rent an apartment.

The security deposit is returned once the property is inspected. The only differences being the lease is usually much less complex and for a shorter term.

Enjoy your Pocono Vacation

Many of the rentals will require you to bring your own bed sheets, pillow cases, towels, etc. Some owners will provide additional items. We give the owners an interface to disclose what is provided and what is not provided. Some owners will use this feature and some will not. The best way to find out is to ask the owner directly about what you will need to bring on your trip.

While you are on your trip, it is advisable that you have emergency contact information of the seller or manager of the property. This will be very important for if you have any questions regarding the property.

Respect the owner's property as you would your own home.

From Owner's Perspective
Why advertise your Pocono Rental here

Placing your Pocono Rental on our site is one of the best ways for you to earn income from your property.

There are no commissions or fees. The listing is FREE!

Get the word out about your property to many potential renters

We don't ask for a credit card number, there are no strings attached, and no future commitments.

Register and verify

We do require you to complete a quick registration and email verification. This is very easy to do and takes minutes. This does not place you on any type of marketing list. The only mail you will recieve will be from us and potential renters.

This is done to prevent computer robots from listing properties on our site. It also verifies that your email address is real in case we need to contact you concerning your listing.

Create your listing

Once you register and verify your email address, listing your property is very easy.

Your listing will be active in as much time as it takes you to create your listing. There is no waiting period.

You are responsible for creating and maintaining your listing. We provide you with a friendly user interface to manage your listing.

Access your account by signing in from our home page. Once you sign in, you will land on your individual summary page which highlights all of your listings. You will see the link on this page to create a listing.

Once you create a listing, it is instantly live and made available for viewing. If you need to make changes to your listing, click on the edit link for your property from the main summary page. To upload pictures, edit your property, and then click the photo link.

Manage your rental business

Be sure to check your listing for errors or typos.

Renters will contact you directly. We do not participate in the transactions or negotiations between owners and renters.

Once your listing is active, you are now open for business. Renters will contact you either by phone or by email. You will be provided with an availability calander to keep potential renters up to date on booked dates.

Keep your listing up to date. We provide the tools necessary to edit the liting if necessary.

If you have never rented your property out before, we suggest you read one of the following books: